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well as the title of the thread goes I need some help... I'm editing an audio from a presentation of our boss. They want to change the english the language with chinese language that has been dubbed. The dubbed chinese part is done but there are some part in the english language that has some background sounds that they want to be retained.

The problem is that the sound of the one speaking and that sound overlap (meaning while the one is speaking, the needed sound was spoken)

So I want to seek some help if you can give me some audio editor that can isolate those sounds or an audio editor that can tone down the speaker voice and make the other sound more clear... (I think its like in the equalizer of a component where you can reduce the voice to hear the instrument better... something like that)

I tried using audio editor like nero wave editor but the sounds cannot be isolated and I'm really getting tired finding a way to solve this problem...

Hope someone can help...
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