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Help! My VGS runs very bad wiht my Riva?!

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I had an Ati rage 8 mg and 32 mgs ram k6-400
and VGS rund perfectly then i changed for a Riva tnt2 m64 whit 32mg ram
and pu 64 mg ram now Vgs lost performance and makes a kind of ugly smudge.
I have tryed everything!

Please Helpme (I love VGS)
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Download the new detonator drivers 11.01 from
The 11.01 drivers should work fine w/your Riva or you could try the brand new 1200 drivers available at Those are the ones I'm using and to me, they seem even better than the 11.01 drivers. Good luck w/whichever you choose, if you choose to try either of them.
may be the blur is what you dont like about the new thing.
you can disable it . just go to the settings \ control pannel \video adapters \settings .there is many options you should check it by your self and decide which seetings is best for you .
and this may improve speed too in vgs.
Thanks for The tips

You guys are the best:D

And thanks again for tryng to understand my bad english since
i am Portuguese
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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