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help! My Syphon won't Filter correctly!

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Sound issues, people.

Whenver I get a radio message, I can't hear it. Other sounds, mostly vocal, simply cut out after the first syllable.

But worst of all, whenever I die, the sound will freak out like Steve Balmer and crash my system completely. I have to hard kick-start the machine (no rebootn'... it's a hardcore crash)

Harry.... help me... I'm so scared!!!

Sound: ePSXe core 1.4 and sometimes Eternal 1.0


Dell 1.3 ghz 256 ram
Nvidia GeForce 3 64mb
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Hey Wingless, did you happen to fix the problem you had with the emulator freezing when Gabe dies?

I seem to have the same problem (it happens for all mission failures), i.e emulator locks up, sound goes wack, and had to use ALT-CTRL-DEL to shut down program.

I run it on Win2k, with epsxe 1.4, Pete's OpenGL or D3D and Internal spu and epsxe's own W2k core.

If you did fix the problem, I'll appreciate it if you'll be so kind as to post what you did to remedt the problem pls.

Well, I suppose an emulator that emulates games to near full perfection (better infact, taking into account the graphics boost) is good enough.

Thanks for the replies you all.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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