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help! My Syphon won't Filter correctly!

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Sound issues, people.

Whenver I get a radio message, I can't hear it. Other sounds, mostly vocal, simply cut out after the first syllable.

But worst of all, whenever I die, the sound will freak out like Steve Balmer and crash my system completely. I have to hard kick-start the machine (no rebootn'... it's a hardcore crash)

Harry.... help me... I'm so scared!!!

Sound: ePSXe core 1.4 and sometimes Eternal 1.0


Dell 1.3 ghz 256 ram
Nvidia GeForce 3 64mb
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er... no fixey, no washey

Sorry to say, I never got past that problem. So to compensate, I just became the best damn Syphon Filter player in the world. That way, I would NEVER die. MWA HA HA!

But seriously, I haven't encountered a work around. So the imformation you recieved prior may be your last, best hope. Besides, I got more entertaining games to fiddle around with on ePSXe (I secretly fondle Rinoa when Squall ain't looking... sometimes I do the same thing to Princess Garnet. Then, all of a sudden, I'm back in the Silent Hill hospital with Lisa. Only... it's not the Silent Hill I remember. I can't find Cheryl anywhere. Cheryl? Cheryl!?!? What's happening to this town!!?? I know, I'll ask Ashley Riot for his help. He'll no what to do! Now where did I leave his phone number--)


::Wakes up from ePSXe-driven dream::

Let that be a lesson to you folks. Never get hooked the week of finals. It plays tricks on your mind, and I haven't that much left to spare.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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