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Help! MMX6 won't work!

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There was another post with the same purpose down below but it was closed cuz posters were violating rules. So here I am posting another inquiry for help. :p
I load the CD and when i try to run, I get the Sony logo and then it turns into a black screen. I tried to change the settings on my ePSXe but it's still the same thing. :(
Help? Please? Anyone?
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No, I'm not one of them. :)
And yes i tried to do the accurate CD-ROM timing thing.
Still doesn't work. :(
Eh? Both of you like Garnet with short hair? I guess different ppl have different tastes.
So anyway, MMX = Megaman X, so MMX6 = Megaman X 6.
I still can't get it to work, even tho I got a CD. :(
I installed the demo and used the patch but the patch doesn't even run, it says "XXXXX.dat does not exist or file size different" the file exist, i was able to find it in the designated folder"c:\windows\temp". So I'm guessing the patch works only if I have the retail version of VGS?
U know what? I just noticed something. How come these ppl have avatars that are looks like pictures from characters in H-anime and H-games?
hahahah, i knew it, I knew it. :)
The thread won't be closed for this would it?
Are we violating any rules?
Hope not. :)
Doh, not even FPSe works, so I guess I am out of luck. =\
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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