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hello i'm new here,
i have a problem in Megaman X Command Mission,

i run it in PCSX2 0.9.6, using several types of gsdx (gsdx9, gsdx 883, gsdx 962, etc.) and zerogs (zerogs KOSMOS 0.97.0, zerogs 0.97.1).

the game runs smoothly, but the problem is,
all of the characters in the game have many black triangles scatter on their body, face, and hair.
The "black triangles/polygons things" scatter only on the characters.

I have changed the type of gsdx, check/uncheck the texture filtering, check/uncheck logarithmic Z and other features,
but the problem is not solved.
Changing the bios also didn't help.

here are the screenshots:

Can anybody help me?
What type of gsdx should i use, since i have tested it with many kinds of gsdx?

thx for the help!!
sorry for my bad english, since i'm from Southeast Asia(the country with red-white flag),haha.
THX AGAIN!:thumb::thumb:

I set the:
eerec&vurec: none&none,

and it works fine now!!
the characters return to normal!!!
thx for the advice!!!
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