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Several people has told me about this problem.
The Emu works with sound, I can assure that.

Be sure of the following:

1- AdriPSX will not work with older plugins like SPU-Kazz 0.3, etc. It requires SPU plugins that use actual standarts like Pete's, Null2's and Iori's SPUs.

2- Be sure that in CPU options, you have "Disable SYSTEM HUNGER" ON, and the rest of CPU options OFF. "SYSTEM HUNGER" is a switch that enables certain "unstable" features, dsable SOUND (for getting more speed), and also boosts AdriPSX priority in Window system.

3- Please, check silly things like volume, etc ;)

Anyway, wait for last "public" release to be done soon.

See ya.


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Thanks you man, the sound's working now....but Now my Cd drive goes crazy!!:confused:
And I know that your emu is still is development but...i can't run ISO...(Does CDRWin .Bin works?). I got the boot logo (White) and next a fucked screen (Sony in blue) and it's loop....

....shit ...because you're emu is pretty good, and with my PII 300 FF7 is very very very Fast :D (But FF8 doesn't work and FF9 crash after square europe Ltd...I got French version)

Thanks man...
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