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help me preventing scratches on my cell phone

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I ONLY keep my cell phone in my pocket ! And every time I notice its getting scratches...

And normally scratches shouldn’t be such a big problem.. But when my the TFT screen lights up the colour deforms, And its really annoying/ugly to look at it...

I polished the first few scratches away with displex.. GOD that was a pain
But they keep coming back after I keep my phone in my pocket :(

So is there some good way to prevent it ?
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get one of those 'condom' like etui, or those one that you can stick to your belt :) it helps me a lot (i use that one that i can stick to my belt)
I'm sure you can get some decent cases for your phone...either leather or see-through plastic..opaque, I believe.

Just to ask, what is in the same pocket with the phone? Cause unless you have money (change) or a pen, etc.., it shouldn't scratch...

r2rX :D
yes I know there are those leather cases things.. but I don’t think its available for samsung D500

And those belt hmmm not really my favourite way of putting phone away all the time..

And I only keep my phone in pocket oO and somehow it does get scratches.. Thats the weird thing...

Is there such thing as plastic u can put over the mobile screen ?
Isn't there already a transparent plastic thing on the screen on all cell phones when you buy them? It was on all cell phones I have got so far...
uuuh mine came with it.. But i trown it away .. Thought its supose to be trown away ~~ And just for safety in stores so it doesnt get damages..

But even if i still have it it wouldnt stick on it anymore and the size was different than the screen itself irc...
how about socks or knitted case for cellphone...
Hmm socks oO wow thats the most creative idea :D Altho i doubt il be using that hmmm, I was hoping there was sort of plastic that i coud buy to put it over the screen :/ Guess there is no such thing. Il just polish my screen again and see what i do with it.

Thx voor advise ppl :thumb:

hmm boehoe my signature is gone ><
no, a cell phone sock isn't the thing you put on your feet. It's a fabric shaped to hold the cell phone and protect it. I find them disgustung, but sure does the job.
Ha lol i really thought he means a sock u put on ur foot :D silly meh
Since its slidephone i doubt there are any for it.
And i dont really like the idea of using such a thing cos it would mean i have to take it out of it everytime i wanna use it.

And thx dgurion thats what im looking for. Hope they sell it here in Holland to, if not il be ordering my first stuff true internet.
you thought I was referring to an ordianry sock eh :D

well I think it would be ok to ue a sock or a weaved one since your gonna take the cell from it if there was a call or a message...
watch out Quatro 'couse sarcasm thread is somewhere here observing ;)
huh? where?
ah... that one :D baka...
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