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help me plz

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i cont get my games to work i have the bios file but it say "rom1 ont found" "rom2 not fund" and "erom not found" what can i do to get my games to work
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You posted your question in the wrong place so we have no idea what emuator you are having problems with.
it is the pcsx2 emuator
Did you try bositman's PCSX2 Configuration Guide?
sheesh....we do have a section for pcsx2....
ya i am printing it of now
games do not work.

i wouldnt worry about that rom1 and rom2 stuff, it has no affect on compatability, the emulator is just in early stages of development, come back in about a year if you want better game compatability
so y am i getinf an errey messgers up all the time
Hell I get the error messages. BIOS still runs fine here.
I guess noone ever thought its not an error but just reporting that they are missing...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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