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help me pls

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Anyone can help me to make a FFX ntsc/uc video skip patch file?? :eyespin:

I played FFX at intro when Tidus says :
"Listen to my story"
The emulator didn't stop or crash. When i waited for about 5 hour, it's still like that, no any change.. but background effect of the intro is still moving?????? :hdbash:

thanks to anyone that help me with theese :)
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A FFX video patch is a difficult thing. An is not needed at this time.
Your bug is because the emu isn't completed yet, and it stops in that point, but there isn't a video just after the intro.
You start in a place signing autographs and then you go to the stadium. Then a video starts, but I think you did't get so far...... :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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