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help me pls

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Anyone can help me to make a FFX ntsc/uc video skip patch file?? :eyespin:

I played FFX at intro when Tidus says :
"Listen to my story"
The emulator didn't stop or crash. When i waited for about 5 hour, it's still like that, no any change.. but background effect of the intro is still moving?????? :hdbash:

thanks to anyone that help me with theese :)
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Cloud Strife 7 said:
The only thing you can do is load a save game from the memcard, but remember to stay in the area, if you go elsewhere, then the same problem appears. In short, there is no patch for that.
Use Interpreter Mode, It's really slow. :heh: but works fine with me. But in Scenes where FMV's come it gets stuck. Yeah. In those areas you get stuck.
There is currently no patch for that. Yes. :) That's true.
Anyone can help me to make a FFX ntsc/uc video skip patch file?? :eyespin:
Use saves. They are available at Gameshark website, Codebreaker Website and some other decent sites.

I've already tried making a patch for FFX, unfortunately it was too complicated and beyond my skill. The problem is that FFX doesn't have scMpeg is end but it has some stuff like M O V I E , each letter in a seperate string. So you see it's really complicated. FFX as well as FFX-2 has the same problem
I've made another patch for other stuff like Skip INIT SOUND, Skip INIT VOICE
CKemu and Someothers have made the patch for the same purpose for the other versions of FFX. See the Perpertual Final Fantasy X thread which was blocked because some people just had to use Different languages and feed some stash while they were already warned.
If you wan't FFX NTSC/UC patch, here it is
gametitle=FFX NTSC/UC
Comment= Credits to RealOne
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