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Help Me Get This Going Please (Semi-Newb)

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So I originally got Chankast and was directed to NullDC. I've used PSX emulators like ePSXe, so plugin-based emulators aren't new to me... But this program and dreamcast emulators are. I have the bios, they are both named correctly, and in the correct folder.

Problem when I ran Chankast was that it would show me the dreamcast loading splash screen type kind of thing with the swirly-deal, but the color would be really ugly... just like black and gray. Then it would go to a light blue screen and not do anything but feed me crappy sound. Using Windows Vista by the way.

So I get NullDC, thinking it might be a Vista problem. Now I start to hear the sound of the loading, sound isn't too great, but worse problem is video.. which doesn't show at all. Just black screen.

I'm using whatever default plugins the program comes with. I know with ePSXe, that would never fly and you need a whole arsenal of plugin files before the emulator is worth anything.

What should I be using?
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Quarts, STFU. Piracy is NOT CONDONED! Asking about it will GET YOU BANNED!

To the OP:
Is your video card an older model? The nullPVR plugin requires PixelShader 2.0 or somesuch(also make sure you've got the latest version of DX9). You can use the ChankastPVR plugin at the expense of a number of features(Sonic Adventure 2 is particularly affected - beating King Boom Boo without shadows takes a lot of patience and a lot of time). As for the sound issue, Vista is known to cause problems. Increase your sound buffer to 2048 or greater(note that excessively high values will cause audio lag).
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