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Help me clearing some doubts about builds, thanks!

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Hi guys!
Hows doing?
I have some answers, i hope someone can clear some doubts.

1) Whats the difference between Legacy builds and Standard builds?
2) Does SuperVu (Legacy) differ alot from the Standard version in newer builds?
3) What does mean "Latest WxBuild" and where i can find them?
4) Is there a good build to run Tekken 4 and 5 beside Playground 10.0.0395? Im using it for Tekken 4 and it seems the best build for it so far.

Thanks again ;)
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You mean you have some questions.

Legacy builds have the old gui I think, standard have the new one, which is not ready yet.
Edit: Where's the automerge feature of the forums?
I meant that i already have some answers to some of my questions, but i just realized that it doesnt make sense at all lol.
Thanks alot anyway.
Legacy builds also have microvu
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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