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help, making a network in my home

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I am trying to connect two PC using a switch and my ethernet cards, one is an HP Pavilion with WinME and the other is a notebook, Inspiron 8K with Win2K SP2.

Actually i cant only see the workgroups but i cant enter to the workgroup and choose a shared folder. When i try to enter to the workgroup it just give me an error telling that cant access to the network.

I could make a ping and receive response witout problems, the lights form the ethernet card is on and blinking, but cant enter to the other PC, cant see it. Thois happened to both PC's.

The notebook is configured to connect to the internet and the LAN from my school, but this is not the problem cause i remove all configurations from the school, and cant enter to the shared folder.
what could i do, please help me. i just want to remove all the downloads i have in my otebook to free disk space and make a backup with my cd-r that's in my desktop.

Any solutions?
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Make sure file sharing is on, everyone's connected to the same domain and and you have all the necessary protocols installed (IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, and TCP/IP for internet). That's all I can think of at the moment.
Ok that sounds similar to a glitch that I had on a network that I was installing. Anyways to cut a longstory short the problem was due to the home networking crap that they added to win me. Reinstalling ME did the trick.

If at all possible I'd change the os on the pavillon to win 2k you'll have a lot less problems
i try to connect another PC and the same thing happened, the other PC is a compaq notebook, a presario 1700 with w2k and the problems persist,
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