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Hello, I'm new here, don't know if this goes in hardware, and please, if it brakes the subforum rules, tell me, and I'll just delete it.

I bough this saturn-like gamepad and it's a design or 2+1+6 face buttons + 4 shoulder buttons.

As you see, it has built-in Home, Turbo and Screenshot buttons just like a Pro Controller for the Switch.
And it has the problem that Windows recognize this joypad as an Xbox360controller, and I can't remap the special buttons to normal buttons. I tried steam, I tried xbox and generic joypads drivers and remappers, but they don't recognise the special buttons.
Have any of you experience about it?
Because I want to be able to remap the special buttons so it can be player as a Sega Saturn, even if it means that I have to put the special button function somewhere else, I just want to be able to do so.

At the moment, the only hardware that recognizes those special functions is the controller itself...
I'm sure that in Linux this can be made with ease, but I use windows due to work.

By the way, if someones interested, the controller is this one:
Thanks a lot!
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