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Help -- ISS Pro Evolution 2 | trouble wif USB logitech GamePAd

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1. ePsxe crashes whenever i try to load ISS Pro Evolution 2(cdrom) =((((

2. and also.. although i can configure my gamepad (Logitech Gravis GamePad Pro (USB)) in ePsxe, it does not work at all in ePsxe =( the gamepad works fine in VGS but not bleem! =(((


my system config --> tbird800, 128mb ram, GeforcePro ddr, creative cdrom drv(40x i tink), ePsxe 1.2.0, Logitech Gravis GamePad Pro (USB)

using pete's opengl drv, ePsxe CDR aspi core, scph1001,
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For the gamepad, I think that you must disable the option "SIO irq always enabled".
ah thx for replying!!

but i've tried both enabling/disabling that option, and either way it doesn't work =(((
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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