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HELP! I can't run the store copy of ff9 on any emulators

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hello I just recently purchased final fantasy 9 for psx to try it on my playstation emulators but whenever I start up any of the 4 ff9 cd's i just get a black screen and the drive reading the cd forever.. these are the proper store cd's and not some dodgy backup or iso.. I took it down the road and tested the cd's on my friends psx 2 and they worked perfectly on it.. so I'm sure its not the cd's being damaged and i'm sure its not my cd rom as any other psx game i've tried in it works and I made an ISO image of the cd and tried that in the emulator which got the same result..

I've tried them in bleem, virtual game station, and ePSXe with pete's graphic/sound/cd plugins and I get the same result everytime.. the game starts to load but it sits on a black screen and keeps reading the CD forever..

Does someone know what the problem is and how i can make this awesome game work?
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you can use petes cdr plugin to apply a patch to the game "on the fly" thus eliminating the need for an iso. btw, you dont need to burn the patched iso to play anyhow.

but, being in australia, i do not believe that there is a patch out for that version. you can give the UK patch a shot but im not sure if that will work if you dont actually have a UK version.
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