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Hi i´m a new member.
i just wanted to play Final Fantasy 10 with pcsx2 but i´ve got a problem.
After you can choose sphere grid system the emulation begins to go very slowly like 1.4.. fps per second and cpu is just 1% .So what can i do to get it faster.

Amd Athlon 2200+
CPU: 1800Mhz
Ge Force FX 5200

(can somebody give his game safes of FFX and where do i have tp put the files in?)
i read that some of you use a patch but i cant get further with it?
Please somebody help!!!!

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you can wait till the emu supports it ;)

seriously tho, go read the rules and FAQ and PCSX2 guide, i realise you are new, but the rules are quite strict here, youve broken them on your first post :)

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here some more details

sorry i forgot some details i hope they help
I use FFX as ISO file with pcsx2 0.8.1 (is it possible that the game runs with the dvd?)
my configurations:
GSdx9 0.8
Bios: europe version(PAL)
the game is also without sound. i can get without problems to the menu but after beginning a new game its starts very slow like i said with 1.4..fps (2%)
i can count every single frame. i just can see the rising sun with the weapons of the charackters.

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Yes, your are asking against the rules. But you're new, so ..... doesn't matter the first time.

I'm a little expert in FFX, and shouldn't expect to play this game in PCSX2 at full speed.

First of all you can enter ingame with sound. Only, use PEOPS SPU2 and star the emu with RUN->EXECUTE. And it will work :) .(But don't use patches, cos it won't work ;) )

You can use ISO with (Linuzapp) plugin or PEOPS CDVD plugin, it is the same. And always use GSdx9 cos it is much faster than Gsoft and has the same compatibility.

If you are using VURec option you can get 10fps ingame, but with a lot of bugs in graphics. And the game has a problem loading FMV and some areas. It will hang in a lot of parts. The only mode to resolve this problem is to use Interpreter but it is a lot slower 1fps~.

Conclusion: FFX IS NOT PLAYABLE IN PCSX2 0.8.1. sorry.....
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