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help from a psx emu guru

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im not exctally new to the emulation world but i have been having problems with finding a decent emu that will run full speed on my cpu. I have a compaq presario 5441 with 256 ram,amd k62 500(just about) mhz processor a horrid 8mb video card that doesnt support open gl (sis 620 i believe) i really dont have the option of buying a new pc right now so in the mean time im wondering if there is a decent/good psx emu that would run at a normal speed,all i need it for is ddr basically

any help would be nice,thanks in advance,sorry for my lack of punctuation(sp?)
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ePSXe using peops gpu plugin and eternal lite spu plugin should work nice enough there. Playing from an ISO will help with performance (and with that pc ANY help should be wellcome), but i suppose you don't have many spare space, so you should try with peops cd-r plugin as well.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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