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Hi all, i am french sorry for my english. I've a problem with PCSX 2. I have a great PC configuration and i want to run games compatible with PCSX 2 like Mortal Kombat or other's but there is a problem. I have tested a lot of settings of PCSX 2 and there plugin, and there is always the same problem, the game is around 30 FPS or 40 ... I've tried many of plugins, nothing works. The better graphics plugins still GSdx 9 but it doesn't work correctly... The main problem is that i've seen vidéos where Mortal Kombat work's correctly with configuration less better than mine.

There is my config :

OS : Windows XP Professionnal Service Pack 3
CPU : Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz (2339Mhz)
Graphics cards : nVidia Corporation:GeForce 9800 GT
RAM : 4 Go Ram DDR3
DX : 9 already updated.

That's all, graphics quality is correct but the game run to slow ... And the CPU is not at 99 %.

Thank's a lot for helping me. Once more i say, sorry for my english ^^
Try using native resolution on gsdx configuration.
Try using Windows Vista - Im sure, you will get a huge speed up! ^__^
Try using frameskipp - Ps.: That doesn't work in some games.
Try using ZeroSPU as a sound plugin.

Also, mortal kombat armageddon (for example) does not work with "Denormals are zero" in the VU skip Configuration - most games get a huge speed up from that.

...And get the latest version of pcsx2 as well as the plugins you're going to use.

Hope that helps. :p
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