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Help finding a software

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I am looking for a program that can enable me to determine what are my gfx card core and memory clocks
I have a HIS Excalibur radeon 9250 128mb, and when using the radlinker, it shows the core clock 238.8(original 240) and memory clock 165.5(originally 400????? oO )
Is there any other program other than the radlinker?
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Remember to double the memory.
I know its still not adding up to 400, but the loss isn't as bad then.

About the software, try google-ing powerstrip.
If I double it, that will be 331 mhz, about 70 mhz off.
even If I overclock it, it starts cause distortions to my games.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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