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Help... FF9 not working...

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I just get my FF9. It is not working... I can see the first screen... saying: Published by Square Electronic Arts.... then the next screen is black... just a few scratches or red lines on the left... how to fix it? Is it the CDROM plugin error?? I'm using Pete's CDR plugin... Help!!

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If you have a PAL version of it you need to patch it. Look at for FF9 patches.
If you have a NTSC version then maybe you could just press F4 to continue the game.
Now it is running... but the problem is, when I s aw the word SquareSoft, and you're going into the SquareSoft word, right? Then you'll see the movie... but mine the movie is not working. After 2 seconds seeing the movie, it pops into the Main Screen, which allows you to Start New Game and Continue. When I clicked on the New Game, it will go back to the Executor... Help!!
Whats your configuration of epsxe? It might be a bios problem or your mdecs are turned off.. Your configuration info will be of great help..
In order to see the movies make sure you have these options on
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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