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hmmm how bout in ff8 cinimatics the battle between squall and Siefer work nice and introducing of quistis to squal work fine but :eek: where is zell want intruduce her self to quistis? i got the black screen why this happened? :confused: what if i SIO IRQ desable. I wondered if the game work..and :confused: and in fire cavern where efrit hide when i go to the battle in fire cavern i also got a blur screen but in world map when i got onto battle the battle work fine.. is this will happen also in other levels? or other mission of ff8? i hope anyone help me w/ this prob. :(

my comp. specs....
Dual OS: Windows 98 2nd Edition & Microsoft Windows 2000
Mother Board: GenuineIntel x86 family x Model 8 Stepping 6
Processor : 550 mhz
Cd rom: Asus Cd rom 50x
Memory: 128 of RAM
Video card Nvidia RivaTNT2 Model 64

i tried the Pete Open GL but it run to poor then i try Pete's D3D and work nice...

i use Pete D3d Driver 1.50
and Iori's DirectSound Driver 1.4
Pete's CDR ASPI Driver 1.5 <--- is in default i don't is this also important?

Any Recommended Plugins for my system?
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