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Help! Dino Crisis 2 underwater problem

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When I play dino crisis 2 and get to the part where you go underwater, Regina disappears. The room looks ok, but I can't see Regina at all, but I hear her walking though... has anybody experienced this? If you did and you were able to fix this, then pls reply.. Used the ff config: P3+Geforce2MX, Petes CDROM,SPU and GPU plugins (v1.51) and EPSXE v1.4. :emb:
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That's gotta be on purpose, this Is the forum archive, this thread is dead for almost 16 years.
Also update ePSXe to the newest and use only plug-ins that came with it, other plug-ins like peops are nearly outdated as this thread.
I have found an item look alike meat! What am i gonna suppose to do with that????
Dont know if anyone alive here! But i have found a meat item in my key items... what is its use???
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Nothing, it's an item that is in the game but wasn't used in the end, ergo no name or description, you can only get this item via game shark cheats or hacking.
Problem solved!
Its an item that we use to give health to dino character in Dino Crisis Mini Game which shows up after beating game.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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