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configs for lewpys glide pluggin....:

run the game at 640x480 res
set framelimit to auto
framebuffer to write
offscreen drawing to basic

I have heard that setting bilinear filtering off may speed up the game a little, but the game runs the same with or without it for me.... I suggest using bilinear filtering w/out sprites...

everything else can be left alone..... THis is the setting for maximum speed on your system... Use the internal spu first.... then try the others and see if they run better... Personally I use the internal spu for all my games except mgs...

enable spu irq
enable sio irq

IF you run into trouble saving and loading..... press f4, f4 before you save or load for the first time everytime you play the game... With your system, it may be not run full speed.... You could try running the game at lower resolutions then the one I suggested above if its too slow for you.....

Since you have a voodoo card, just use lewpys glide pluggin.. it will run the fastest...

try the internal cd rom pluggin first..... if there are problems, then try petes cd rom pluggin as it seems to work good for most people....
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