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Help ; choosing SDRAM & question

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Help ; choosing SDRAM & question
..I like to know which the best SDRAM to buy. Some sort of them used tinyBGA or wBGA. What is all about, & which is the good one.

..& which chipset you may recommend me, Hyundai, Infineon etc ? ...

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well i dunno if the uBGA will make much of a difference, its just type of package.. BALL GRID ARRAY.. it supposed to have a smaller footprint than say.. TQFP or other packages.. more to the aid of the board manufacturer really than the end customers..:D

Infineon is quite good..., i have them.. dunno bout hyundai.. haven't tried any of them.. but the company has a good reputation..:D
waddabout this;

-Which to choose among 256 SDRAM PC 133 CL 2 or PC 150 CL 3 ?
-Is any SDRAM VC 133 & SDRAM with ECC ?
pc133 cas 2, you cud always oc it to 150 cas 3, just a trick most oc's use to increase the speed... using error catch cache ram will tone down a systems performance. (well i guess you cud look at some benchmarks... im not all that sure bout the comparison..)
I got crucial 133 cas 2 ram and I've ran it at [email protected] 2 all settings on max with no probs...
I reckon it will go a lot higher than that,so I'd recommend the crucial ...........
Originally posted by onejaz
I got crucial 133 cas 2 ram
Excellent ram!

i have never experience any problems with crucial ram. It's one of the best ram IMO.
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