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Help! CDROM troubles

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I have a Creative 52X CDROM and one day the drive just stopped reading discs and continued to spit them out for some reason. I have tried everything I can think of. I've looked for firmware updates to no avail, tried changing the IDE ribbon, tried changing master/slave settings with my Plextor, tried removing the device in windows, looked for CMOS settings, it won't even read in DOS mode. The drive just chugs a few times and spits out the disc regardless of the format (CDR, CDRW or pressed CD). My plextor drive (now back as master) reads any disc perfectly. I desperately need to format soon. Please help!
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Your CD drive is probably damagged! if you have warranty, send you drive to the repair service. If you havn't warranty anymore, buy a new drive, a DVD drive. They are very cheap, you can get one for less than 70$
Interestingly, a Creative CD drive I had (48x drive) also died in a similar fashion. Maybe it's the quality of the drives or something...
If you want buy new CD-ROM drive.I suggest you buy ASUS.
It work great.
Thanks everyone. I posted this in another forums with the same replies, so I'm guessing that it's dead. I never liked this drive much anyways, sounds like a friggin jet engine spinning up. I was thinking of a DVD drive, but I think it'd be better to wait until I purchase a new system to get one. I would really like to try DivX encoding but my system is probably too slow for that anyways. (AMD K6-2 450 3D). I've always liked Toshiba CDROMs though, if anyone can recommend for or against them, your opinion would be much appreciated. Thanks again.
UPDATE: After doing a bit of thinking, I noticed that the CDROM in the tray did in fact spin (since the label was always in a different position when removing the disc) eliminating mechanical failure as the casue, and I assumed the chugging sound was from the laser moving up and down. So then the most obvious reason for the problem was that the disc wasn't being read. Perhaps from a failure in passing the data, or retrieving it. Since I really wouldn't be able to do anything about electrical failures, the only other option was to see if the problem was in fact retrieving the data. Which would be either a problem with the disc or laser lens. Since all the discs I tried were being rejected, the lens was the prime suspect. I was thinking of purchasing a CDROM cleaning kit (and returning it if it didn't work) but I was thinking that it would be impossible for those kits to physically clean the lens. I actually took the drive apart but wasn't sure if it would do any good, so after snooping around a bit, I just closed the lid, and wiped off my credit card preparing it for a swipe at the local computer store. But immediately after reading a reponse to my post in another forum I decided "what the hell do I got to lose?" so I actually took apart the CDROM, removed the laser component and cleaned it off with my sunglasses cloth since I didn't have any lens paper handy. Putting it all back together, and hooking it up... IT FRIGGIN WORKED!!! And worked well. It was a pretty cool learning experience too, I have taken apart my whole computer many times before, but never had to fiddle with any individual components. If it wasn't for tinkering around I'd probably have wasted another $50. So if anyone every encounters such a problem, think about possible solutions and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty (if you've got nothing to lose - read - don't void your warranty unless its already run out).
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Most creative lab drives are rebadged versions from other companies. eg my Creative DVD 1240E is actually made by btc.
True, Creative drives are just repackaged, unreliable shit, with a few exceptions, like one model of their CD-RWs being a repackaged Plextor ;)
>if anyone can recommend for or against them
Toshibas are excellent drives. Though obviously I haven't used their entire line, I've both an ancient 12x CD-Rom and a 40x/16x DVD-ROM drive from them and they've never failed me. They're both rather rugged in construction and never balked at some of the odd situations I place them in (critically low power availabilty, high temperatures and the like). In fact, if you go and check out the DVD/DiVX ;-) FAQ Toshiba is one of their most highly recommended drives. Like most variable speed drives, the DVD suffers from the "jet engine" problem, but I've yet to see a VSD that doesn't.

>don't be afraid to get your hands dirty
Of course, this doesn't apply to Memorex-brand burners ;) Apparently they're fans of Indiana Jones-inspired traps or somesuch, seeing as how prying the cover from a drive of mine left a nice scar along the top of my hand ;) Of course, after a round of cursing and bandages I realized that to loosen half a dozen tiny, infinitely fragile little metal clasps. Granted, you're not supposed to play with the innards of a drive, but it makes you wonder how they assemble the things in the first place.

Congratulations on bringing your drive back from the dead, by the way ;)
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Wow, Creative Drives SUCK.....

I had two Creative 52x Cdroms, then one day they stopped working in time of need i did everything i could but bothing, then i used the second one it worked fine. But 2 months later i stopped working.
I thought it was a coincidence but seeing this post im believing Creative Cdoms suck.
>Wow, Creative Drives SUCK.....
:nods: If memory serves some Creative-branded drives simply *hate* anything that isn't a silver bottomed CD. That is, things such as PSX CDs, CDRs, CDRWs and the like simply fail to read on them. Given that fact, I'm willing to bet they don't equip their drives with very powerful laser pickups, a sure sign of a poor player.
if you guys still dont know that , then know it now
i work in the maintenance section of a quite a big and a well
known computers company in my country, im actually a hardware
maintenance expert and cd- drives are one of my specialties.
so any time you need help in such things , im here to help.
about the creative cd-drives , actually , the most of the 52x
cd drives made by creative lately (the remote controlled infra series and the ordinary model was rel bad desighned .
there is some bad designed plastic gear parts in the door opening mechanism that mostly get broken so easily that makes those models a very bad choice. as far as i remember those models was teac 52x's and there is one more bad thing about this model is that they use a very sensitive lence which might stop working
from just some dust or dirt and also its life time is short compared to many other types.
if you asked me about what types do i recommend , then its not an easy question.
that depends on the weather (heat humidity and many other things)
but i recommend the pioneer cd drives cuz they are known to be
working in many defirent wethers with a good lifetime , but those are the most expensive cd-drives/dvd's to be known as far as i know , but for a cheaper solution i find asus and cyberdrives are
a very good choice .
see ya
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wow, nice to know that mr2000jp

yeah i have a friend whose creative drive is busted.
and I own a Pioneer 10x DVD drive :cool: wasn't that expensive compared to other brands.
Hey mr2000jp! If its not too much trouble, could I possibly get your opinion on Toshiba drives? I've used them before and they just feel more... solid and reliable compared to anything I've ever used. I'm asking cause I'm really split on buying a slot load Pioneer or Toshiba DVD. I'd really appreciate your input.. thanks!
the slot load pioneer that i remember had a week cd in/out
mechanism wont last like the tray model .
and about the toshiba cd drives , its a very good choice
but that depends on the place of assembling of the piece.
because the chinese model (the only one we get from toshiba in here) have got a bad lence.
but the japanese model is a lot better , it was the world best choice for cd drives when the 12x was made.
see ya...
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