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hellpppppp crying out louddd here !

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I just got a new mobo and processor.
I can install windows xp all the way without problems but when I want to install Detonators ( any version ) this is what the pc tells me :
An error ocurred during the installation of the device
The system cannot find the file product.

can anyone help me ?
The first time, I made a clean install with microsoft's boot disk for windows xp. Everything was ok until I installed the latest detonators. I couldn't set my monitor to 1280 by 1024 in 32 bits. I could set my monitor to that resolution but only in 16 bits. After trying many things I just gave up and format everything. I installed first windows me and installed detonators for my geforce 2 mx 400 64 mg. Later, I installed windows xp pro over windows me and after it finished I installed detonators 7.76 and I could set and change settings for ffsa and other settings that you can change once you have detonators installed. Well, it was just fine until I installed the new detonators on my second installation of windows xp and I started to get those messages... really annoying ! Can anyone help ?

After I installed 23.11 or any other one.
On advance display properties, there is no information on ADAPTER.
Before installing then it was like this :
Chip Type : Geforce2 MX
DAC TYPE : Integrated RAMDAC
Memory Size : 64 MB
Adapter String : Geforce2 MX
Bios Information : Version 3.11.0124

But after installing the drivers, this data won't appear just like " "#"#" "
And on screen refresh rate says " Determined fresh rating " and before installing then says 60 Hertz.
And installing this drivers, also disables my geforce2.
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I think those are very well known problems almost occur to everyone who have installed the Nvidia Driver and winXp.

currently,alot of people talking about these probs at viaarena forum.
If u have a via mobo,i suggest u go to via homepage, and enter the forum, u will see alot of people disscussing these probs... and i remember someone talked about how to fix the refresh rate prob..u can try to find the solutions there.

Btw, have u encountered the very popular BSOD prob?
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