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Hello, moderators?

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First of all, my apologies for bringing this up again.

What gives you the right to close a thread which failed to be generally offensive or challenge the rules? The first thread aside, which BTW had flames starting from a moderator himself, I could see no reason why the other two were closed. Non-constructive? This isnt the Constructive-discussion sub-forum. There is a difference between pointless discussion and spam. Also closing a thread just because of anticipated conflict is pretty forceful, it was apparant to me that several other members did have legitimate things to say about the past and present. I would think it is only fair that you guys warn about impending flaming and closing it only if it gets out of hand - you dont amputate your hand when you contract rashes on your skin, you could clearly benefit from keeping it (extreme example I know:)).

If it has come to a point where every thread in Emuforums has to have a legimate point and reason to exist, it is Emuforums who has changed. The closed threads were a direct highlight of the dicussions that took place before the first was closed. I guess years ago the Batard Vs. Maggots campaign should not have existed?

The point of this thread (as, for now, one seems necessary) is to provide contents for a complaint regarding the pattern of the moderation of the forums.

Sidenote: I did notice Reichfuher's apology regarding the aggressiveness. The above is merely what I intend to point out. I do however think that if Cloudvii's idioms innocently offend you, you only need to do nothing or inform him about it - there is no need to offend.
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Hanamichi said:
you dont amputate your hand when you contract rashes on your skin, you could clearly benefit from keeping it (extreme example I know:)).
For the sake of encompassing as much as possible. The incident that you mentioned has been discussed and handled internally. So there should be no further need to reference that incident.

As for your statement above...If the arm contracted gangrene, then the best thing to do is to amputate the arm before it spreads through the rest of the body. Lately, the topics that seem to be appearing automatically trigger flame fests. It is difficult to control these, and so in most cases it is the admin / mods judgement to stop the topic before it worsens. Sure..sure you could say that that may not happen, but we have seen enough of these topics to know that it will happen. Best to put out the fire before it bursts into flames. However we have noted your point and will bring it up among the staff

Sure you could argue that the whole maggot / batard topics would have been closed in similar circumstances...but to correct you..this was a more friendly time when these posts were done in fun, and if we remember correctly (keep in mind we have been around for a long time) even these batard / maggot posts even had to be shut down. They too graduated into pointless topics and flame wars, and even caused segragation among the members (anyone also recall the "shadows", and a few other stupid creations?).

We have seen the wars and flames come time and time again...this is merely another evolution of conflicts that always seem to occur at NGEmu. You can always try to remember the fun times of the past, and hope to bring them back, but it will never happen...thats why they become fond memories..but times change, members change, and so do the staff members. It would be best to enjoy what moments you do have here rather then complain about the problems.

As for the staff..we are all only human. Would you not find it upsetting that you dedicate your free time to trying to make the forums a better place, and all the members do is complain? It is not an easy job....It becomes so frustrating that a number of staff members have given up their positions. We do what we can to make things may not always agree with our methods, but know that actions are discussed, and staff gets scrutanized by fellow staff.

In short....NGEmu will continue to be around and evolve regardless if a member decided to stay and enjoy, or grow frustrated and move on. Rather then complaining how about generating topics that get positive feedback rather then negative....

enough ranting....we hope this answered at least a few questions...

- Dark Watcher "Old freakin staff member at NGEmu"
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