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heh, this is pretty off topic

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i heard weed looks a helluvalot like Oregano- 5th Season. Is there any truth behind this? How are they different (in appearance).
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ummm... well.. i think i saw a picture of it once... it looks like oregeno but all cluped together and white crystals on the outside... kinda like powder...

Oh gimme a break :)innocent: )
Anyway it depends on if the weed is of good quality or not.
Good=very crystalized
Bad=dirty looking
I would guess that the bad probably looks more like oregano.
Originally posted by andré
How are they different (in appearance).
Why? Did you buy some way overpriced oregano? LOL
Or even worse, are you trying to sell overpriced oregano? Not a good idea, people tend to get pretty pissed about stuff like that.
hahah, no i think my coz (who's livin' w/ us right now) put some oregano in a plastic bag as a decoy for where he's hiding the real stuff. not that i know where the real stuff is... :innocent:
?????????? why on earth would he do that? Just hide the stuff. What's the purpose of a decoy? They have completely different smells. but I guess the untrained nose couldn't tell.
BTW did anyone fall for the decoy?
I dunno what you are talking about :innocent: :eyemove: :eyes: :rolleyes:
i almost did, until i saw the bottle of oregano right next to the box he hid the fake weed in. i don't know what he did it for, probably to fool me since i am the only one who knows he's got the stuff in the house. my 'rents would throw him right out if they knew.
sell it w/out ur cousin noticing it, w/ some luck u can buy a Gforce 3 :D
hahahah, that woulda been a great plan
Heh you'd have to sell almost a QP to be able to get enough $ for a GF3. Well that is considering that it looks like oregano. Of coarse if it was the really good kind it would only take 3/4 of an ounce. These are just some rough guesses though:D
hum, my knowledge of weed inst deep enough to distinguish wich type is better, jes if its weed or oregano :D ;)
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