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For the the love of god can someone please help me.... Trying to switch those 2 thumbsticks since 3 days in Turok remastered PC, that game couldnt care less of what im doing and it stays that way by default which makes zero sense on that game.... ie XY axis and XY rotation.

Pictures for context: /
Almost everything is remappable in the game but not these so im forced to look around with the right thumbstick which is supposed to be in my left hand, the game is made like that, so it must be switched before it reaches the game.

Ive got a switch controller with betterJoy and im trying to remmap that with the xBox 360 emulator x360ce, tried axout 35 version so far, vc++, directX, registry, even if i switch all the 4 axis around the game just doesnt care, same is happening with the PS4 controller and i know the game settings by heart at this point its not there and its not the controller, its in between... posted that on 2 sub-reddit, still nothing.

Figured out that it must be a Direct Input / HIDgardian issue, but i might be wrong and i still cant make that works, i can send the full game too if someone needs that to look stuff around.

Please help i wanna throw the freakin laptop out the 7th floor balcony.


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