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I know, I know. I should run Chkdisk for this one and see if it can solve this problem. Well, it doesn't find a thing!

It all started with a nice HDD defragmenting tool for WinXP, Perfect Disk (a very good one in my opinion). I tried to run it on my father's PC, because it is one of the few tools that can rearrange your pagefile by doing a boot defrag. It worked fine on my comp., but it doesn't start that boot process because of some "inconsistencies" on the Volume. It told me to run Chkdisk in order to solve this. Chkdisk, however, didn't find any problem and Perfect Disk still refuses to do a boot defrag.

I downloaded a diagnosis tool from the Hitachi homepage (the manufacturer of my father's HDD), but it didn't find anything either. I assume that it is a problem with the NTFS Master File Table, but I don't know any programs that can repair that kind of issues.

Can anybody help me?
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