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having save problem with harvest moon btn

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game runs great and will save sometimes but most times will lock up .on
0.18 and new 0.19 .thanks for your replys, woody
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harvest moon btn

have tried epsxe but game crash on first day my comp. specs.
3.0 gig, 1.45 gig ram ,no extra video card, with origanal game, not iso,xp pro .also diff comp
with win 98se have same prob .game runs great.but will crash on save
most of the time on both comp.have tr ied peo grf 114,116.175 all work well
until save. have tried to run iso but xp pro stops program mabey i am doing it wrong? thanx for yopur help, woody
Xeven said:
hi wood0071 could you send me a savesate for this game? If you can find a state where it locks up then it would help too :)
where should i send it to .thanx . woody
thanx for your help yes i did that but i get 1 or 2 saves then it will lock up. i have a 20 gig spectrum
analy.. i will try to find the prob .woody
found problem.was locked on win 95 each time i put win 2000 in it would revert back to win 95. by turning off 95 then apply 2000 several times it locked on win 2000.thanx to all for your help woody
right click on the smile moon then select properties.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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