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Having a problem with ePSXe 1.7.0

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I've just built my first computer, and I'm using Windows XP Home. Everything else works fine, but when I try to run my PS emulator, the program crashes everytime. It will allow me to configure, but when I run .iso files, it crashes before i see the tite screen. Any ideas?
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First this is not the correct section of the forums to post that.

Second make sure you install your graphic card drivers.

Third welcome to the forums :p.
turns out i was missing a it works! Thanks, M. Silenus! Good luck with your Cantos and keep an eye out for the Shrike.
Hey now you are cool in my book. :D

I was wondering where did you get the M.

Great to see someone recognize that great book.

About the Shrike don't worry, you know that it is my muse. ;)
Can NE 1 Explain This!

I'm New to this whole emulator stuff and i dl'd some games with 7z as the file type to use with the emulators but they wont play them how do i use the 7z file games or am i missing something someone plz help :( :???: :(
ePSXe cannot run zipped archives. Only actual discs and proper ISO images.
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