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Having a problem configuring FPSE. :~(

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I want to use FPSE to get around Star Ocean : The 2nd Story (FMV) since ePSXe crash. But I can't config it to work. Could anyone give me an advice on how to config this emu?
Thank you very much. ^_^
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there is a faq about it

(and maybe I whould translate the quick path that guys made for it

/try that site using google...^^

you can post your question on the official forum, you´ll get quite complete answer.

(please tell what isn´t working and what did you do)

You can find the exact page lu_zero refers to HERE

Use the images to guide you...If you require further info we suggest you read our translation of the FPSE read me at PSX Fanatics ....If all else fails we can walk you through it...may take some time to type up though:)
Thank you!!!

Thank you very much. Finally, I can get it to work winth Star Ocean 2. Just enable 3 options in HW setting : interpreter , automatic speed control , emulate console I/O. And I use scph1001.bin as bois. ^__^
Thank you again !! :)
please fill a compatibility report on about star ocean
that is a good way to thank us and to give feedback =)
Sure! but I'll do that when I've tried it some more. ^__^
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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