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Recently I try to play some games by VBA series. And of course it was po**mon.
(I tried GBC version firstly)
And I want to transfer myself sometime later, so I tested link system on the VBA. But vba 1.72 didn't work, with vbaserver or vbalink didn't work, vba 1.80 didn't work, vba-M series were not work neither.
1. I set single com and open two vba and they didn't find each other.
2. I set network and made first one server and second one client. AAnnd message said "connected" and the transfer system didn't know they were connected.
3. open vbaserver and connect two vba and they didn't understand they are connected.

In frustration I tryed TGB (... only can play in black and white) and they are done perfectly. No error or no problem. just they notice each other and transfered nicely.

Next I hope that occur in gbc, or gb, I tried gba version of poke series. And result is same. Didn't work.

So in this time I tried no$gba-w. And this one is done well.

after all I tried many kind of vba series... nothing is worked out the link system. What can I do? should I use TGB and no$gba-w ??? I want to use VBA series... but I want the network...

I am using windows 10 64bit version now. Is this can be problem to vba?
Any adive can be helpful to me.... thanks
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