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Has anyone heard of m.u.g.e.n?

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This is some software i found by accident, you can download lots of characters, stages (its a fighting game),main menu graphicsm you can customise everything!!!! it's like making a hole new game insted of marvel vs capcom, why not DBZvscapcom?, or street fighter vs simpsons? or waku waku Vs kof? you can also make your own characters with lots of combos and atacks (not a easy job though) It's a dos program and if your computer is fast enough you can also enhance graphics just like the snes9x!!!!(cos without this graphics have quite some pixels....strange enough the light efects don't)....
want any screen shots? here goes...

i know there are another progs that also do this (kof95 or 94 comes to my mind) but this one has better graphics than it? i wopuld post the link but it would sound like i wanted to advertise the program.... if you search in google or something like that you will be sure to find it... (less than 1mb) characters from 100kb to 5.0mb depending on the detail...
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I've known about it for awhile. I just haven't made anything, because I don't know where to start. Notable mention: RPGMaker2000.
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