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Has anyone heard of m.u.g.e.n?

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This is some software i found by accident, you can download lots of characters, stages (its a fighting game),main menu graphicsm you can customise everything!!!! it's like making a hole new game insted of marvel vs capcom, why not DBZvscapcom?, or street fighter vs simpsons? or waku waku Vs kof? you can also make your own characters with lots of combos and atacks (not a easy job though) It's a dos program and if your computer is fast enough you can also enhance graphics just like the snes9x!!!!(cos without this graphics have quite some pixels....strange enough the light efects don't)....
want any screen shots? here goes...

i know there are another progs that also do this (kof95 or 94 comes to my mind) but this one has better graphics than it? i wopuld post the link but it would sound like i wanted to advertise the program.... if you search in google or something like that you will be sure to find it... (less than 1mb) characters from 100kb to 5.0mb depending on the detail...
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its great to see so much interest but beware!! making characters is very dificult!! It takes much time and if possible try to making them by starting with one already made, and try ripping that character from the games (example: in neorage x hit tab when playing and go the section where you can rip out graphics ( don't know the name for that option now))
Yes, there is a already made game its mugen 2 (look for it again) its 31mb :eek: and its all about dragonbal, has about 21 characters + 4 secret (although i modified the game to have about 60)
I also heard of i dbz Vs street fighter being made....
The program that i use to make characters is mcm 2.0 (look for it again)
Sorry if i didn't reply sooner but i'm having mid-terms and now it is a bad time...just one more week or so...
Zell i would be very very happy to make a site about this (this one the other about psxemu&benchmarks) but i'm still wainting for cable :( ( dam just 300 meters setting me apart from it, i have to wait till they make an extension to my residential area)

BTW those screenshots are not mine...i took them from some sites i visited...but a friend of mine has all those characters and more!

One more thing....thanks for the feedback! :)
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As i said those screenshot aren't mine so i cant tell you exactly, but i guess thereason why there are two mais is because he downloaded two versions of this character, like samor said, from different kof... there isn't only one version of a character made by someone, there are plenty... of course sometimes they are repeated, but is up to you to download the best one....:p
I am sure that if you(firestarter) look around you find those charaters and many more...There's even a mugen webring, so you can't miss it!
One more thing... Dragon Ball VS Street Fighter is out.. if you like it download at (and now i am posting the link): :D --> enter the section over Giochi completi and there you go! (another window will open) ( and wait till you the pages loads, cos if you don't you wont see the download button (its a image)) --> for people with slow modems!
Hadji : that's my feeling exactly, the closer you get to that is those mugen ready games...these take about 35mb , one that had 200 chars would be like 300mb (assuming it also had several stages and mp3 musics), i guess not many people have the techincal resources to download this amout of data......assuming that one found i site to host the file!!!:eek:
Oh well, downloading by bits is not very bad...the exictement grows and it is more 'educative' as you learn more in each site you enter...
BTW another day i saw a layout wich could take 200 chars or more!!!!!!great, i downloaded it righ away!!! (just to say that it is possible)
One more thing..don't forget to set bilinear filter on by editing mugen cfg in the data folder, otherwise, the graphics really suck!!! and change the res to 640 x 480 ( i don't recomend higher resolutions)
One last thing ( i can't stop of talking of this sweet prog :D ) if anyone is making chars please take a look at those from this last dbz vs street fighter mugen those light efects are incredible!!! they are pictures but they sure don't look like it!!! I think photoshop can do this kind of effect ......please correct me...
Well that's all...for now....i'll let you know if i find something else that matters....and you do the same, Thanks...
Now is time to some epsxe action, bye!
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what would be really nice is if someone made a prog like napster but aplyied to mugen!!! or we could use the ones that exist...did someone already tried to search mugen chars and stages in morpheus ( napster look alike but it hosts not only mp3 but anything) ?
we could easly share files that way, sugestions? oh and please anwser if you look in morpheus or any other prog like that and if you found anything. :)
so, you want links eh??
Well, this site has links, links, oh and one more thing LINKS!!!!!!!!! (i love saying this :yawn: )
Well, i have a slow modem so if anyone find some really cool site among all those links please post, i will do the same.
BTW their model is "We have the most mugen related links on the web" :)
:D happy hunting :D
BTW anyone care to make a cd cover about this?? or maybe two.
Are you good enough? i haven't found any by looking in the net so........ ;) please .......
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