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Has anyone got Lunar:The Silver Star to work properly?

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Ive managed to get it seemingly working, everythings ok, except
the sound is a bit I play,
then I enter a house and....nothing!!
whats going on? Ive tried a bunch of GPU plugins and they all do the same, Ive played with the emulator a lot but it still it wont work

Ive got a Duron 750, 128 MB of ram, a Sound Blaster Live, and a
Geforce 2MX,

can anyone help me?
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I'm having the same problem, whenever I enter a house it just goes black. Also when I exit from the menus everything goes black, the game is still running, but you can't see anything. I've read through some older posts about this, but the answer most people have is that only lewpy's plugins work. Thing is I have a voodoo 5 and lewpy's plugin has the same problem as pete's. Can anyone out there that's gotten Lunar to play correctly please share their plugin settings ect.? I have tried just about everything but still the same problems.

celeron [email protected]
voodoo 5 5500
SBLive! value
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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