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saves work for 1 or 2 saves then when u try to save the game the game will lock up .the screen shows the save point but not the memory cards. operation on win.xp pro
1 gig memory 2.2 gig no video card installed
thanx woody

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plenty of the listenings relate. i mean, i know there's no "my harvest moon locks up after 2 or 3 saves", but there is a lot of general troubleshooting advice.

did you search the board for anyone else that has this problem?
First, before you read on, use the board's Search function to see if anyone else had the same problem as you. then read these:

* Make an ISO image if you're playing off the CD, or play off the CD if you're using an ISO
* try using a software GPU plugin
* try a different emulator (different version of ePSXe, or PSXeven, SSSPSX, PCSX)
* if you're using save states, don't
* try restarting your computer and killing unnecessary processes
* update your drivers for your graphics card, sound card, etc.
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