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Harvest Moon crashes

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Ever since i re-installed my OS ePSX has been crashing randomly with the game Harvest Moon.

I tried diff video configs, seeing as i lost my old config with the format.

The drive where the emluator is in hasnt been formatted so the game went from running fine to randomly crashing.

I tried re'downloading ePSXe even some diff versions but that didnt help much. I hope someone around here knows a solution to my problem. I'd hate to lose all my save files seeing as i already spend alot of time in it so far ;)


Some extra info, I'm running pete's OpenGL plugin, rest is default from ePSX.
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harvest moon crash

Screenshot said:
Problem seems fixed :lol:

It was the Off-Screen drawing, pretty sure of it.

It had to be set to 2:Standert - OK for most games

Thx for the help, i'll try and make up a beter config matching my pc later on when i got time.
i use epsxevan 018 have no problems with with this game just be sure u conf, ms 2000 to run this game woody
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