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Harry Potter Games on PS2

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I just want to bring this up from finding this out from experiencing it just recently, do not download the Harry potter ISO games for any of the PS2 Emulators, don't know what one you might be using but I had them on the PCSX2 which is the one I am using, and they caused the entire Emulator to become buggy and unplayable, I had to completely delete the Emulator and reinstall it just to get the other games to run as per normal.

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1. Always dump your own games that you physically own.
2. Forum rules prohibit aiding in piracy like sharing links, so you may wanna delete those links before a mod sees this.

On another note it is extremely unlikely that the ISO was the issue. if the ISO was corrupted if would far more likely crash or freeze the game.
What could've happened because the ISO was corrupted PCSX2 didn't recognize the game and didn't apply game specific settings and fixes, PCSX2 has a huge database of games with fixes and settings saved for many games.
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if I had the software or knew how to do that I would do it that way.
oh right I didn't know that was something you weren't allowed to do on here I'm new to this site and only came across it a few weeks ago.

oh right well that was probably the case here, that the ISO was Corrupted and that PCSX2 didn't recognize the game and that is why PCSX2 was all slow and buggy when I tried playing them.

oh right cool where do I find that database of games with fixes and settings is that on their website or somewhere else?

thank you
It's not something you find, it's built into PCSX2 , you start a game PCSX2 checks the game id looks it up in its database and if there's a match applies fixes and specific settings written in.
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