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The remaining active staff and I have discussed a Hardware Review forum and now, here it is! Before you post, I'd like to lay down a few basic rules/guidelines.

  • The Hardware Review forum is a forum section for reviewing hardware related items such as (but not limited to) video cards, motherboards, gaming periphrials, consoles, add-ons, and other cool and/or interesting gadgets you can get your hands on. It doesn't exactly have to be emulation related, but things that do effect emulation experience are encouraged to be reviewed here.
  • Take your time to do a proper review. Please don't just make a post titled "The GeForce 5xx GTX sucks ass and here's why" followed by an emotionally driven rant. Rants are highly discouraged as we want our reviews to be fair and unbiased.
  • Please refrain from "fanboyish" behaviour. This isn't a place to discuss why you hate Xbox and think Playstation is better (that's what the bin is for)..

Of course, all of the other appropriate rules apply as well. Use good judgement, and this this will be fun for all.


@other staff: Please feel free to add anything you see fit to this; in case I left anything out.
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