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Hard Problem !!!!!

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On my PC I can't to start Epsxe (1.2 and 1.4).
My video card(trident 3d 975 and SIS 630) is not to recognized from pete D3d plugins 1.39-1.50-1.51.
What I can to do for resolve the problem ?
(excuse me for my bad english)
I have installed directX8.0 but the diagnostic program not recognized the 3d accelleration.
Thanks !!!!
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In that case use Lewpy's Plugin , but still it's strange .
Thanks, but Lewpty is for 3dfx or for direct3d too ?
I don't have 3dfx card.
that i know is SIS chipsets give me much problem:mad:
try install driver for your mainboard chipset, hope it will work.
like VIA chipset, no AGP support until you install the driver
I am not sure SIS chipset have full support 3D or not..............
Try to use with Pete software render first
U can use DXDiags to know if UR card is ok for Hardware acceleration or try to see if there are no others background progs (like Netmeeting) who already use your boards.
Trident AND SIS are two losers for Graphic Cards - Use something Named 3DFX/nVidia/ATI/KYRO
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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