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Hard drive transfer

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I want to put my 60gb maxtor hard drive into my athlon and take out the old 10gb hard drive. But the 60gb is from compaq presario. And I was wondering if it would not work or IF it does work the compaq boot screen will be on my athlon? I dont know what to it possible?
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I don't see why the BIOS would look for boot info from the hard drive, seeing as it's not a compaq motherboard. I don't think there's any inherent danger, but format the drive to make sure. Put the hard drive in and boot and see if it works. If not then switch back to the 10 GB and maybe you can use the 60 GB as a secondary drive
you can slap in your harddrive and take out your old 10gig without too many problems. it wont boot compaq unless you switch the bios chip or motherboard too.. :p
I did a similar thing (from 2 to 10 gb shift) and ofcourse no problems.So go ahead and yes compaq wont show up if you dont change the bios chip.:)
i just did that too no problem at all i think the hdd of the branded machine like compaq uses a standard hdd that can be found at the store(my brother pc is compaq but it uses a hdd comes from fujitsu)
I guess it's safe to say that ANY hard drive from ANY computer (except an XBox harddrive :p) will work on any PC.
Thx!!! Im gonna transfer teh hard drive now. :0
Hey Tom_E , be carefull at the point that the transfer rate of both drivers can be different (ATA 100 and ATA66for example). I suggest you to leave the 60Gb HD alone in the first IDE Chanel (only it conected to the primary IDE) and share the Second IDE chanel with your CD device and the 10Gb HD, it will ensure that your system performance be at peak. Any thing just ask.
Sorry if the post was futile.
Only now i saw that you are changing and not adding an HD.
Sorry again.
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