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Happy Thanksgiving to you all
A time to give thanks for taking a breath this morning.
A time to give thanks to those parents that gave you life
A time to thank those who ma have taken te place of your parents
A time to give thanks for matter how crazy they make you
A time to give thanks for matter how fickle they can be
A time to give thanks for your matter how much drama they bring
A time to know that the love of your life is out there
A time to give thanks for faith and hope..To give thanks for a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in. For health and for future endeavors....

There is always something to be thankful for. I even give thanks for having the opportunity for wishing you all a happy holidays.

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Nice post Dark.
Happy Thanksgiving for you all.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well. I'm especially thankful as well as many people here because we are still here after going through Hurricane Katrina and Rita. It's been a little rough but everything for my family is slowly returning to normal.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members :)

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Indeed, damn turkey for thanksgiving and christmas is too close together in the States! Well Happy Turkey Day anyways!

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There is nothing happy about being in finals, but thank you... for whatever you people might have done :p

is good to see that people still remember the truly meaning of holidays like this one.
Hmm... well actually the original meaning of this party was a cease fire friendy agreemeent between native americans and pilgrimms, but since the USA ran out of natives to celebrate with the meaning was slightly changed :heh:

... but I guess we already went through this last year, and the year before that :p

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Suddenly I remember the skit in Addam's Family Values where Pugsley plays a Turkey and Wednesday plays an American Native.


Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy thanksgiving, and thanks for reminding me :p

Still it would be better if we'd show appreciation on a daily basis instead of only when there is a holiday or turkey dinner to remind us ;)
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