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Halo mods/updates?

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Every game has user made or even company updates to fix crappy ports. Resident evil 4 was pretty good after all the mods to improve the video and stuff were out, same with the star wars games etc. But has anyone heard of any Halo: Combat evolved updates? The graphics in that game are terrible and people have been complaining for years. Would be nice to see updated textures and levels and stuffs.
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The graphics aren't bad (considering the time they came out). I never heard anyone complaining about bad visuals. I always heard them praising (and overdoing) how good the visuals were. My only biggest gripe playing through the PC version was the lack of allowing anti-aliasing to be used. Don't expect a company to release patches for games to keep the visuals up to date, what, eight years later? There may be user made stuff, but I don't know of any.
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