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Halfway decent idea...

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I think that someone should make a sticky post for
all the common questions and answers that appear on this board. You could Title it something like, "Common Q&A" then post all the fixes for various games, and fixes for epsxe errors there.
I'm just seeing the same questions asked quite frequently. (chrono cross, ff9, thunk errors, etc...) So what does everybody think? Is this a good idea or not?
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Plus we got the growing ePSXe Fanatics compatibility list which we can start pointing people to. And if there becomes a new question that every one asks, then just make a new comp-report explaining the answer. Then you can just say look in the compatibilty list which has a sticky thread with a link to it.

Besides the same people who post repeat questions usually don't bother to read FAQs and readme documents nor do they try to search for their answer in sticky threads or with the search function. All you can really do is just tell them the answer or tell where to find it.

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