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Ok I seem to be having a lot of trouble while trying to run the game Champions: Return to Arms. I've run plenty of other games, my computer handles them all fine (list of which include: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Front Mission 4, etc.)

The problem seems to be that when I use the ZeroGS 0.97.1 plugin the game seems to work fine for about 5 seconds and then it goes to a black screen. I pressed F6 and it was on a loading screen that for some reason appeared as this image shows below:

Pressing F6 was actually the only way I could even get anything to render to the screen.

Now when I use the SSE2 0.1.14 I only see half of the screen, as shown in this images below:

In both instances, I get to that loading screen and the game just freezes. I'm not sure if this is just a problem the emulator is having running the game, and if there's a solution, or if the emulator just can't run the game.
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