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Half-Life 2 - "Out of Steam"

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Well I got Half-Life 2 for my birthday and up until a few days ago it was working fine. But then I got this weird steam error and was informed on the official steam forums that the server was messed up and reinstalling should fix the problem. So I reinstalled steam and when I went to update it I once again got the error saying steam was offline. Since I've got an un-updated steam it means I can't even run it to set steam in offline mode... is there a way to fix this?

I gather circumventing steam is illegal, but really this is preventing me from playing it.
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I found the problem... I had accidently capped Steam with Net Limiter to 5kb/s when it was downloading something I didn't want... I forgot to uncap it so it wasn't fast enough to log in. Yay :).
hushy: ... what are you on about? :lol:
Hehe, I hate making stupid mistakes like that. One time I tried setting up a huge network but it all failed... turned out I forgot to turn it on :p.
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